I chose not to see,

the thoughts that ran through my mind-

dark and primitive

as you yelled and hooted


I chose not to hear,

the words you used to describe me-

undignified jibes-

slut, whore, a bitch easy to score.


I chose not to think,

about the times you slipped your hand into my blouse-

hungry and lustful

wanting for more.


I chose not to taste,

blood that oozed from my lips-

warm and fresh-

results of your unfiltered thoughts.


I chose not to smell,

your intoxicated breath-


it made me cry,

Shuffling you crash into the bedroom,

Kissing the scars on my lips

Touching the bruises on my hip


But I choose to stare at the pale walls

The frigid tiles

The heavy door locked from outside

Clad in white gown

Inert and frantic,

I continued talking to you in my head.

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