Varun Part-3

Varun was still smiling. He wanted to talk but he couldn’t and I stood there with a decision to take- take counter 1 or 3 and stay silent, or take counter 2 and talk to the trans-woman with Varun by my side. My mind was clouded but my conscience was clear:

 Look at these people treating this poor soul like a rabid dog. She is happier and bolder than any soul in this room yet everyone seems to treat that noble person with utter disrespect. You care about Varun right? I know you hate what these people are doing and you really are proud of her being able to take a decision that is different. Do you want to promote this attitude that being unique and different means being deviant and unloved? You believe in equality and promote LGBTQA rights yet you seem to hesitate when you have a kid with you in front of a trans-woman. Varun is young yet he looks at her with eyes different than any adult in the store. You are going to pick counter 2 and you are going to tell him that she is unique.

The command from my conscience was clear and I knew better than to fool myself. I smiled and walked towards counter 2 with Varun.

“His name is Varun” I told her with a polite smile. “Varun turn around” she said and I turned him around. She saw the “V” at the back of his head and laughed. “That is a really cool haircut Varun. Take care” she said and started walking. The security personnel looked pale as she crossed him.

I looked at Varun and smiled. He sported the biggest smile.

“Thank you Aunty!” he shouted at the top of his voice. I rushed outside with the unbilled chocolate in my hands. I scanned the crowds for a tall figure in a blue sari. Disappointed, I walked back to the store. Everyone stared at us in disbelief. I could read their minds going-‘How can you expose a kid to such indecency? Don’t you have any care for him as a brother?

As we walked towards the house laughing and eating chocolates Varun asked, “Was that a girl who sounds like a man or a man dressed as a girl?” I remained silent

We started walking towards the house. Varun had forgotten about the egg-shaped chocolate and was busy munching a bar of Dairy Milk. “Why did that lady sound like a man anna?” he asked with his focus on the chocolate. “Let us just call her a unique and bold person…” I sighed and turned back with the hope of spotting a person in a blue sari.



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