Varun Part-2

His finger seemed to point at the egg shaped chocolate but his attention was somewhere behind it. Something interesting had caught his attention.

“What happened?” I asked lowering my head to his level.

“Who is that?!” he whispered holding my ears with one hand while the other still pointed beyond the chocolate.

I turned my head and saw something that would be tough to explain. At this point, had someone asked me to explain the theory of relativity- a topic I have no idea about- to a seven-year old I would willing explain it. But in front of me stood a transgender.

“One bottle of water please,” she said

Dressed neatly in a light blue sari, she spoke in English with an impeccable accent. She stood strong and bold and the temperature in the room had seemingly changed from casual noise you find at a store to an uncomfortable silence at a funeral. Men and women alike seemed to avoid eye contact. The situation seemed so uncomfortable that the security personnel seemed to shudder in disgust and the cashier quiver with fear. But not Varun. He continued to point at the transgender with the inquisitiveness of a scientist.

The transgender turned and looked at us. She smiled at us and looked at Varun.

“What is your name?” she asked with a deep voice.

I pushed Varun’s finger down as he seemed to blush and buried his face into my shirt. “Why are you blushing? Tell me your name” she said with a grin. “Why does she sound like a man anna?” asked the naive eight-year-old.

I smiled at him. At this point, my mind was flooded with thoughts. What do I tell him? Do I tell him that she is a guy who acts like a girl? Will his parents be fine with it? Will I affect his upbringing? He certainly won’t understand today.. but if he takes it in the wrong sense?

I looked around and saw people silently shopping. Most were waiting at counters 1 and 3. The transgender was at counter 2 receiving glares from either counter. I just stood there silently.

What are you doing Jayanth? Look around you yelled my conscience as I turned. I knew my indecisiveness would soon be cleared.



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