Farewell dear mother,
I will miss your constant chiding
Asking me to help you with those chores
Forcing me into nothing

I will miss your heavenly food
Your dosas,
Oh! So insanely good
It is no miracle that my hunger subdued

Farewell dear father,
You treated me like a princess
Showered me with compassion,
Mollycoddled me no less
I will miss those strong arms that support me
You are the reason I never cry, only glee

Farewell dear room,
The four walls full of stories
I will miss all those memories
Lying on my bed
Closed eyes, magical dreams and reveries

Shh! dear closet,
You hold the unknown
Never share my secrets
Stay as silent as stones

Avoiding goodbyes, heavy hearted
Trembling body, clenching arms I departed
True to my purpose I will remember this day,
For I am no longer caged
Watch me flap my wings as I make my way.




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