The Journey

Pennies from heaven dropped
Happiness engulfed him over the top
Over-accomplished parents, loving family
The six year boy had all reasons to run around happily.

The eight year boy arched his eyebrows
Roused from his bed piled with stuffed animals,
Quivering muscles and grinding teeth
His father’s rage once more unleashed.

Damp eyes and beads of sweat
Drinking water, his mother was out of breath
What he witnessed stopped him in his stride,
The ten year boy learnt his parent’s relationship had died.

Life had to be re-defined
The six year old was now left behind
Travelling by car was a far off dream
Eyes of innocence lost its sheen.

The ten year boy lost faith in goodness
“Even this shall pass away” said his mother in all fullness
Confused he nodded to avoid attention
Life was about to change, nobody mentioned.

He started picking up threads
Weaving a new pattern in his head
Photography, writing, studies keeping him strong
Smiling again did not take long

Success and peace immersed them,
New found happiness in school made him a gem
Awards, marks, accolades he amassed
It seemed as if he was going to have the last laugh.

The thirteen year old was perched at the top
With no competition his humility dropped,
Eyes twinkling with wisdom his mother said—
“Even this shall pass away, don’t be misled”

Arrogance knew no bound
His mother’s words – meaning profound
The fifteen year old was enchanted,
High school love, infatuation implanted

“I have everything in the world” said the boy
The reality in him rudely destroyed
Life had to teach him a lesson,
His love soon led him into depression.

Everything tumbled like dominoes ,
Don’t worry, mama knows
Eyes twinkling with wisdom his mother said—
“Even this shall pass away, get this in your head”

Life is never rosy – All friends are never cosy
Scarred and Scared – away he fled
Into a world of his own
The sixteen year old was all alone.

The mind wrecked havoc
The seventeen year old’s intellect was dumbstruck
Time stretched into eternity
Between doctors, medicines, and therapy.

He tried his best to mute the voices in his head
“Even this shall pass away” a whisper said
The mist in his mind soon began to clear
For on the horizon a master had appeared.

The 45 year old compass set him free
Pearls of wisdom, said he
“You are what your choices make
Responsibility you alone must take!”

The eighteen year old boy seized with gratitude
His second innings – with courage and fortitude
Goaded and guided he plunged into action
Work, music, service and studies – rediscovering passion

The twenty year old was made a man
Understanding life is a journey without a plan
The man ventured out on his own
Ready to tread terrain unknown
Astute words resonate through every limb


Note- This poem’s inspiration is drawn from the poem Even This Shall Pass Away by Theodore Tilton. 


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